About Us

Our Expertise

At Court Cavendish we know health and social care. Re-founded in 2007 by industry expert Dr Chai Patel CBE FRCP we started with a simple mission: to turnaround health and social care organisations to delivering exemplary care and financial stability. 

Our industry is extremely complex. The truth is that working with residents, service users and their families, local authorities, health teams, regulators and government can be a very demanding and onerous challenge. But with our combined experience, it is one which we can help you navigate.

With carefully managed investment and the judicious deployment of our market leading know-how, we achieve tangible improvements and sustainable turnarounds. 

In 1999, we took over a debt laden and struggling Priory Healthcare and over the next six years, turned it into the Priory Group, the UK’s largest independent specialist mental health and education services group.

In 2008, the re-established Court Cavendish acquired Care Management Group (CMG), a provider of services to people with learning disabilities which was struggling to provide even the minimum standards of care and was on the brink of collapse. 

We were invited by Sir William Wells, the newly appointed Chairman of Care Management Group (CMG) to assist with this failing company. 

Chai appointed David Spruzen, his colleague at Court Cavendish, as CEO of CMG and with the support of his newly established turnaround team, transformed the company’s care delivery and financial performance. This culminated in CMG being recognised as a high quality, multi award winning company which was acquired by AMP in 2018.

The most recent, and perhaps the most challenging, turnaround resulted in the creation of HC-One in 2011 from the failing Southern Cross group.  We pursued a clear and focused vision of providing the kindest care in the UK.  We invested in our Leadership, our Colleagues and the infra-structure to turn HC-One into the largest care home operator in the UK.

Our Founder, Dr Chai Patel CBE FRCP

Early in 2011 Chai Patel took the biggest gamble in his long and successful career as a doctor, an investment banker/entrepreneur and, latterly, as a philanthropist. He agreed to lead a recovery management team for the rump of the bankrupt Southern Cross care home group consisting of 250 homes, 15,000 staff and 11,000 elderly residents. Within 6 months the new business had been re-launched as HC-One, the UK’s third largest care provider, under a new management team with Chai at its helm.

With over 30 years’ experience in the care sector, Chai has been linked with some of its biggest names. He was formerly Chief Executive and architect of the modern Priory Group, the UK’s largest independent specialist mental health and education services group. He also created Care First through the merger of the original Court Cavendish and Takare. This became the UK’s largest continuing care company with over 12,000 nursing and residential beds, several day centres and a range of services. 

Having recently retired as Executive Chairman of HC-One, aside from his role with Court Cavendish, Chai is also the Founder and Chairman of Elysian Capital and is on the Board of Elevation Capital and retains significant philanthropic and charitable interests.