Dr Chai Patel CBE FRCP

Early in 2011 Chai Patel took the biggest gamble in his long and successful career as a doctor, an investment banker/entrepreneur and, latterly, as a philanthropist. He agreed to lead a recovery management team for the rump of the bankrupt Southern Cross care home group consisting of 250 homes, 15,000 staff and 11,000 elderly residents. Within 6 months the new business had been re-launched as HC-One, the UK’s third largest care provider, under a new management team with Chai at its helm.

In 2014 Chai orchestrated the purchase of HC-One and the NHP estate by a consortium led by US private equity firm Formation Capital, investment firm Safanad, US REIT HCP and Chai’s Court Cavendish. The deal marked a watershed moment for the healthcare sector, and the latest chapter in his extraordinary career.

Besides currently being the Executive Chairman of both HC-One and Court Cavendish, Chai is also a Founder Partner of Elysian Capital and Deputy Chairman of the Care Management Group.

With over 30 years’ experience in the care sector, Chai has been linked with some of its biggest names. He was formerly Chief Executive and architect of the modern Priory Group, the UK’s largest independent specialist mental health and education services group. He also founded Care First, the UK’s largest continuing care company with over 12,000 nursing and residential beds, several day centres and a range of services.

Besides being feted for his business acumen, Chai has been a leading spokesperson for the care sector under successive governments and has won many prestigious sector awards, including National Care Awards Care Personality of the Year twice, in 1998 and 2012, and the Health Investor’s highly prestigious Outstanding Contribution Award in 2012, as well as heading the Power 50 Award table in 2014.

From 1997 to 2002 he was appointed to the Government’s Better Regulation Task Force where he led a number of its Reports including those on Long Term Care, Early Years Education and Red Tape Affecting Head Teachers.

In 2000, the Health Secretary appointed Chai to one of the Modernisation Action Teams drawing up a national plan for the new NHS. Subsequently he was appointed to the DoH Task Force for Older People, set up to drive forward the implementation of the NHS Plan and the National Services Framework for Older People.

An avid golfer and keen rugby fan, Chai – with his wife Katharine – was a proud sponsor of Team GB at London 2012, one amongst many causes he has invested almost £5m in through the Bright Future Trust, his family charity. From an early age, giving back and sharing the rewards of success have been a part of Chai‘s philosophy and family life is a crucial anchor.