Our Approach

Our Approach to the Turnaround and Transformation of Health and Social Care Businesses

Led by Chairman Dr Chai Patel CBE FRCP, the Court Cavendish brand as we know it today was re-established in 2007 to deliver operational and financial turnarounds of multi-site social care and health care organisations. 

Court Cavendish was originally founded in 1988 and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1993. It merged with Takare in 1996 to become CareFirst, the UK’s largest care home company at that time. 

Subsequent successes and mergers saw the Court Cavendish brand owned by Bupa. However, in 2007, Dr Chai Patel bought back the Court Cavendish brand – one which had always meant a lot to him.  He had come to realise that he and his team had huge expertise in helping companies who had run into trouble avoid insolvency and the often parallel threat to the lives and wellbeing of service users and residents.

By the late 90s, many companies in the sector had over-borrowed and whilst they retained sound fundamentals, they ran into trouble for financial reasons, which often triggered issues of care quality.

Crucially, some of the biggest learnings of Chai’s career to date underpinned the philosophy that Court Cavendish applied from the outset to how it undertook the turnaround of failing companies: 

  1. To be successful, companies must have a clear vision and values-based leadership
  2. The leadership has to be visible and hands on
  3. Organisations require courage and resilience at all levels
  4. All those who work in a care providing organisation must feel connection to it and its values
  5. Significant investment must be made in colleagues’ learning and development
  6. Capital structures must be fit for purpose
  7. The interests of all stakeholders must be aligned 

With decades of experience, the Court Cavendish team has deep knowledge and experience of working with residents & service users and their families, local authorities, health teams, regulators and central government.

We always encourage the development of financial strength through high-quality services, in parallel with winning the hearts and minds of our local stakeholders.