Key to Court Cavendish’s success is the network of knowledgeable individuals and leading public and private sector organisations it has nurtured and can call upon for different projects.

This partnership method allows Court Cavendish to be agile and highly focused, with all the necessary resources ready to hand, when approaching different turnaround projects. By providing a personalised turnaround team, Court Cavendish helps the incumbent management teams of companies transition from turnaround to transformation.

Court Cavendish partners, past and present, have included national leaders in their respective fields including:

  • Nicolaus Henke, McKinsey & Co
  • Kevin Craig, PLMR
  • Andrew Collinson, Collinson Grant
  • Robert Lewis CBE
  • John Ransford CBE
  • David Spruzen
  • Alison Innes-Farquhar 
  • Bhavna Emery-Jones, BJ & Associates Ltd