Ethos and Approach

Through careful management, expertise, and a values-driven approach, Court Cavendish has supported a number of major health and social care organisations to improve their care provision and to get back on track financially.

Underpinning this successful turnaround and transformation programme is Chai’s ethos that health and social care organisations must have:

  • A clear vision and values-based leadership
  • Leadership that is visible and hands on
  • Courage and resilience at all levels
  • All those who work in a care providing organisation must feel a connection to it and its values
  • Significant investment must be made in colleagues’ learning and development
  • Capital structures must be fit for purpose
  • The interests of all stakeholders must be aligned
  • Financial strength is created through the delivery of high-quality services

Turnaround Successes

During its period focusing on healthcare turnarounds, Chai and the Court Cavendish team deployed their deep knowledge and experience of working with residents, service users and their families, local authorities, health teams, regulators and central government to achieve sustainable turnarounds and very significant financial results.  

Westminster Health Care

In 1999, Dr Chai Patel CBE FRCP acquired Westminster Health Care – then the largest publicly-quoted healthcare services group in the UK. By working hard on rationalising and refocussing, Chai transformed Westminster Health Care into one of the country’s leading providers of mental health and specialist education services.

The Priory Group

Shortly following Chai’s acquisition of Westminster Health Care, he then acquired Priory Healthcare. From its origins as a small group of rehabilitation facilities, the Priory became a national leader in mental health services, and the by-then world famous Priory Group was sold in 2005.


In 2008, Court Cavendish acquired Care Management Group (CMG), a provider of services to people with learning disabilities, which was struggling to provide even the minimum standards of care and was on the brink of collapse.

Working with Sir William Wells, the newly appointed Chairman of CMG, Court Cavendish appointed David Spruzen as CEO. Together with the support of Court Cavendish’s newly established turnaround team, the team transformed the company’s care delivery and financial performance. This culminated in CMG being recognised as a high quality, multi award winning company, which was acquired by AMP in 2018.


In 2011, Court Cavendish began working to turn around the remains of the Southern Cross care business, at the time just days from total collapse. In just over 90 days the Court Cavendish team drove and oversaw the creation of HC-One, a brand focused on being the most caring and kindest operator in the country. HC-One has since become the largest care home operator in the UK and the winner of multiple awards.